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Annual Pizza Hut Meeting!

Saturday, April 13th, 2013, marked the Fort Wayne Inventors Club annual Pizza Hut meeting. ¬†We hold one of our meetings each year at the East State Pizza Hut location to say “Thank you” and give them some patronage back. ¬†East State Pizza Hut generously donates pizza each month for our club meeting. ¬†Thank You East State Pizza Hut!!

We had a nice turnout for this meeting…Was it the Food? Location? Thought of Ending our Club Meetings? or better Weather? ¬†I don’t know, but the attendance definitely increased from our meetings the past few months. ¬†Around 17 people were in attendance. ¬†Some new ideas were introduced to the group and some familiar ones rehashed. ¬†We also had some first time attendees! ¬†We welcome anyone interested in inventing.

Photo Below: Sam Conte filling Dave Gross in on some new developments!

April 2013 Meeting

Next Month’s Meeting:¬†

Price of Admission = Always FREE
Price of Pizza Hut Pizza = Always FREE
Advice from Experienced Inventors = Always FREE
Knowledge Base of People in this Group = PRICELESS!

See you next month!