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April 2011 Meeting Pics

In April, an old friend came back to visit.

A long time ago, a fellow showed up at an Inventors Club meeting with an idea for a very unique material.  It was a foam that would be used in port-o-potties.  Like the traditional blue liquid, it would capture the effluent. Unlike blue liquid … No backsplash.  No bad smell (replacing that with a refreshing good scent).  Can’t see the effluent.  If bugs get in, they don’t get back out.  And it all breaks down to its original liquid in about 7 days.

Here’s Ben Westrick with Saint George’s Foam Shield – ready to buy!

Ben demo’ed the product for us and good-naturedly put up with a barrage of questions.  But, he was used to that – he just got back from a trade show where his booth was VERY BUSY all of the time.  Check it out at

Very cool, Ben!