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Harry is the Fort Wayne Inventors Club Meetup co-organizer and club webmaster.

Guest Speaker: Dave Hockemeyer

Mr. Dave Hockemeyer, co-owner of PERIDOT, Inc., is the guest speaker for the September 10, 2015, Fort Wayne Inventors Club meeting. His presentation will focus on rapid prototyping. Mr. Hockemeyer has a degree from Purdue University in Mechanical Engineering and he has prior experience in the automotive, aerospace, and polymer industries.  In 1997, he co-founded PERIDOT Inc., an advanced manufacturing company that utilizes Additive & Subtractive Manufacturing to serve a variety of industries.  Continue reading

Collaboration on the Web

How do you share complex ideas with others when you are separated by time or distance? The traditional way to do this is over the phone. Using the phone can be difficult because it is tough to try to describe a complex idea without sketches or models. Fortunately, there are a lot of web-based technologies that are great collaboration tools. In this article, I’ll give you a few ideas that might help you team up with others. Continue reading

Documenting Ideas

Something that is often overlooked in our conversations about inventing awesome stuff, is the idea of documentation. This is easy to understand. Everyone is excited about the doing. The process of creating something. Quite naturally, people are less excited about the paperwork associated with the task of documentation—the drudgery of recording what has been done. Continue reading

Guest Speaker: Attorney Jeremy Gayed

Jeremy Gayed

Image Credit: Barrett McNagny LLP

Mr. Jeremy Gayed, partner and patent attorney at Barrett McNagny LLP, is the guest speaker for the June 2015, Fort Wayne Inventors Club meeting. Mr. Gayed’s presentation and discussion with club members will focus on intellectual property law, which he practices. In addition to intellectual property law, Mr. Gayed works in several other practice areas and he provides litigation services. Lawyers who practice intellectual property law are commonly referred to as “patent attorneys.” While a popular term, it does not capture the full scope of this type of practice, which not only includes patents, but other forms of intellectual property such as trademarks and copyrights. For more information about Mr. Gayed, see his bio on the Barrett McNagny website.

The meeting is June 11, 2015 at 7:00 pm on the IndianaTech campus. The Fort Wayne Inventors Club meets in the C3, which is in the Academic Building. Click here for a map.


Barrett McNagny LLP website.

Dave Gross at VerticalLeap

Vertical Leap

Several club members attended the April 15th Vertical Leap meeting. It was a great event. Vertical Leap has been around in another incarnation before, and the reinvigoration of it was the brain child of Dave Sanders. Dave is the president and co-founder of Avenue 80, a software development company here in town. Dave describes Vertical Leap as a get together for “founders” who are entrepreneurial-spirited folks willing to share ideas in an open forum. Continue reading