TekVenture Monthly Maker Meetup

Time for another TekVenture Fort Wayne Maker Meetup at my house. All are invited!

It’s a week early this month because of Christmas.

This Thursday December 16th 7:00PM at my house.

The big news is that Sayaka Ganz has agreed to collaborate with us on a group kinetic sculpture project built from recycled plastic and lots of electronics and motors!

Here are some links to work that has inspired Sayaka and I

We will be starting on design work for this project with an exploration of slip-rings.

Work on the Kickstarter site is progressing. We will unveil the video of greg asking for moola and finalize the reward levels.

I’ve got some information about the mini-mill that Greg has been hiding away in his mobil shop of mysteries.
The it is a Rong Fu RF31 or a clone circa. 1995. You can google this for specs. These are popular inexpensive mills. Grizzly, Jet, Emco and others still sell them.
The mill has a CNC upgrade produced by a third party. The CNC upgrade uses stepper motors and a parallel port interface to the computer.
The mill would benefit from a newer computer and a little TLC.

It might need new stepper drivers or other parts but we might be lucky and it will work as is.

Here is information on a company that sells a RF31 with a similar CNC upgrade.

Here are my pictures of the mill and some other machines.

We need to plan strategy about renovating the mill.

I’m throwing down the gauntlet to Scott to come and show his remote control Halloween creation.

So we have to get to work this month. No free desserts!
As my Dad used to say “Everybody works, everybody eats”

Bring your friends.
Send this email to others who build stuff.
Eat cookies cake.


Jim Merz

4224 River Bluff Drive

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  1. Monex

    .This week I finally got around to finishing the mill conversion by adding a z-axis feed and setting up an indicator to measure that travel. Initially Id intended on putting bearings on both ends but there were some issues with that when it came to mounting..All the parts used for this project were stuff I had laying around.

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