October 2011 Meeting

Three new folks came to the meeting today, representing 2 new inventions!


One person has invented a new iPhone / iPad app.  Another couple has created an unique accessory for musical instruments.  Very cool!

Mike Forkert, Dave Gross and I had a great talk with them about protecting IP and entrepreneurship using the Lean Startup “get-in-the-market” technique.  The most interesting thing was that we were able to direct all three people to some resources to carry their projects forward – coders, manufacturers, etc.

Come visit us next month and maybe we can help you out as well!

October Meeting Notice

Yay, it’s almost time for another Inventors Club Meeting!

Come join us:

  • Saturday October 8
  • Noon
  • Northeast Indiana Innovation Center
  • 3201 Stellhorn Road
  • Fort Wayne, IN 46815
  • That’s at the corner of Stellhorn Road and St. Joe Road (just east of the IPFW campus).

See you there!

September 2011 Meeting Pics

The September meeting featured a presentation about sleep apnea – and the devices to control it.  One of our inventors is a practicing dentist who specializes in treating sleep apnea – AND has invented a new device to revolutionize treatment.

August 2011 Meeting Pics

A couple of new inventors came to this month’s meeting.  Neither were new to invention, but were new to this group.

In addition, we saw Jan and Steve Zavodny for the first time in a long while.  Welcome back!  And we learned that Jan and Steve have an anniversary coming up tomorrow.  Congrats, guys!


June Meeting Photos

At the June meeting, Dan Templeton demonstrated some of the innovations his company Plastics Composites Company has been working on.

Following the hybridization techniques suggested by Val Prushinskiy (and by doing some wonderful creative thinking of their own), PCC has produced some product evolutions that either already are, or soon will be, surprising their competitors.


Very nice work, Dan!