April 2011 Meeting Pics

In April, an old friend came back to visit.

A long time ago, a fellow showed up at an Inventors Club meeting with an idea for a very unique material.  It was a foam that would be used in port-o-potties.  Like the traditional blue liquid, it would capture the effluent. Unlike blue liquid … No backsplash.  No bad smell (replacing that with a refreshing good scent).  Can’t see the effluent.  If bugs get in, they don’t get back out.  And it all breaks down to its original liquid in about 7 days.

Here’s Ben Westrick with Saint George’s Foam Shield – ready to buy!

Ben demo’ed the product for us and good-naturedly put up with a barrage of questions.  But, he was used to that – he just got back from a trade show where his booth was VERY BUSY all of the time.  Check it out at http://www.stgfoam.com.

Very cool, Ben!

March 2011 Meeting Pics

We had a good group here at NIIC this Saturday.

Nick Watkins was here to demo his iPhone app , Maximo, a sophisticated asset management system.

One of our previous inventor visitors, Ben Westrick, was featured in a new story about his chemical foam waste management product.

Ralph Merkel was here with the latest news about in his Titan toothbrush holder product.  He is thinking of offering it branded for schools and selling through booster clubs (as one of many target markets).

Come join us at our next meeting in April!  We’ll save you a piece of pizza!

February 2011 Meeting Pics

At our February meeting, two entrepreneurs from NIIC’s Student Venture Lab, Scott BonAmi and Graham Bredemeyer of Roaring Mouse Innovation, presented their concept for a new online venture that would connect people who have interesting problems (i.e. ideas for a new product)  to solve with inventors and others who could help build a solution.

Of course, Dave brought pizza

Here are some more pics of the meeting.