The Inventors Club Chess Masters

Dave Gross and Dave Byrd spent a bit of time before today’s meeting playing chess.  Can you guess who won?  That’s right – Dave did.

Actually, Dave Byrd won.  Dave B. takes his chess pretty seriously.  He has a 1586 rating and won the 2009 Kings Island tournament in his class.

December Meeting – on the 11th

Will Santa Claus show up to our December meeting?  Not unless he’s got a new prototype sleigh to show off.  But, we’ll be there.  Come join us!

  • Saturday, December 11, 2010
  • Northeast Indiana Innovation Center
  • 5236 Stonehedge Blvd.
  • Fort Wayne, IN 46815

Pics from November Meeting

Good turnout for November’s meeting, with a good combination of new folks and one regular *cough* Jim Bradley *cough* who we hadn’t seen in a while.

We heard about some progress being made.

And we heard from some new attendees who are creating an exciting smartphone  app.

See you all next month!

November Meeting – This Saturday at Noon

Come and “get your invent on” this Saturday.

Where:  Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, 3201 Stellhorn Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46815

When: High noon

Why: To hang out with your fellow inventors, share ideas, eat pizza, laugh a little, learn a little, share a little.

See you there.

Photos from October 2010 Meeting

We had a pretty good group at NIIC last Saturday.

It’s all about good people and good conversation, but the pizza and pop doesn’t hurt

We spent a fair amount of time discussing the work of a newly-attending inventor, Dar.  You can tell she has been bitten by the same invention bug as the rest of us, because she came prepared to talk about three inventions she is working on (one is simply not enough).

Dar (on the left) discussing one of her inventions

She came to hear some advice, and as usual, the group gave Dar a complete boot camp in an hour and a half regarding ways she can carry her inventions forward.

Ray explains the finer points of something or other

Come join us in November and be apart of the fun!